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Course Review: Building Java Microservices with gRPC (LinkedIn Learning)

Summary: Review of the course 'Building Java Microservices with gRPC', from LinkedIn Learning.

YouTube video summarizer script

Summary: Developed a Python script to summarize YouTube videos, using ChatGPT.

Book Review: Dune II - Insider's Guide

Summary: The Dune II - Insider's Guide is a comprehensive reference material for the game, providing detailed information on units, missions, mechanics, and the history of Westwood Studios. It includes screenshots, maps, and tactical strategies, making it a must-read for fans and those interested in the development of the first PC RTS.

Word prediction using a trie data structure

Summary: Explores word prediction/autocomplete using a trie data structure. Includes a demo and the source code of the trie implementation.

Python Imports 101

Summary: Explains Python import basics, relative vs. absolute imports, import resolution, and provides examples to clarify common import scenarios.

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