My BlueSky account, and a posts eraser script

After deleting my Twitter account almost a year ago, I've kept only a Mastodon account. I like it, but I feel it is not going to conquer the world and replace Twitter, so I wanted to experiment with other networks. The "nearest" one, now with public access, is BlueSky. I still need to read why they decided to re-implement all protocols from scratch, instead of adopting Mastodon's, but it is not surprising, and as a user I don't care that much.

Anyway, I now have an account there,, and following my traditions, I wanted messages to disappear after a few days. A bit of experimentation with the AT Protocol for Python later, I had ready a simple script to do so:

You need to create an App password, and then just fill a file with your handle, that password you just created, and the number of days you wish to keep your BlueSky posts around (by default, 5).

I am using it and seems to work well, but it is a minimal implementation, without even pagination. The atproto package is at 0.0.47 so fingers crossed they don't break too much in the near term.

I'll also update soon the blog to be able to "Comment on BlueSky", as thankfully there are "Action Intent Links", that is, a non-javascript way to go to the post creation page with some pre-populated text (URL-encoded in the link).

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