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Book Review: The 48 Laws of Power

Summary: A review of the book 'The 48 Laws of Power', by Robert Greene

My BlueSky account, and a posts eraser script

Summary: Announcement of my BlueSky account, plus a script to delete posts from that social network after X days.

Book Review: The Bill Gates Problem

Summary: A review of the book 'The Bill Gates Problem', by Tim Schwab

Book Review: The Book of CP-System

Summary: A review of the book 'The Book of CP-System', by Fabien Sanglard

GDC game development talks about Zelda BOTW and Zelda TOTK

Summary: A mention of GDC talks on the development of the latest two Zelda games, highlighting the radical changes in BOTW and the advancements in physics and sound in TOTK.

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