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Python Imports 101

Summary: Explains Python import basics, relative vs. absolute imports, import resolution, and provides examples to clarify common import scenarios.

Two Testing Anti-Patterns

Summary: Discusses the anti-patterns of testing private methods and mocking class under test methods. It emphasizes the importance of focusing on behavior, refactoring when necessary, and testing in line with production conditions.

Markov Model Python Example

Summary: A Python example of a Markov model. How to implemented a Markov chain to generate sentences based on a given text file. Describes the process of building a dictionary of word chains and demonstrate how the model can generate sentences.

Browser Automation via Chromium

Summary: How to set up browser automation using Google browsers, emphasizing Chromium, which has advantages over Chrome, including the ability to access previous builds. Also covers the use of ChromeDriver and automation frameworks like WebDriverIO, as well setting up the Widevine DRM library and command-line switches.

Book Review: Pro Git

Summary: The book "Pro Git" by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub is a must-read for anyone using git. The explanations are excellent, accompanied by examples and helpful diagrams. The book covers everything from the different states of a file to complex strategies for merging branches. It also teaches how to set up your own git servers and manage user credentials. It is available for free download.

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