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An Entity Component System in Javascript

Summary: An implementation of an Entity Component System (ECS) architecture pattern in JavaScript, with code and demo both provided.

The origins of LEGO Mindstorms

Summary: LEGO Mindstorms, a popular robotics brand, was discontinued in 2022. This post briefly explores its origins.

Content quality is suffering (as of late 2023)

Summary: A discussion about the decline in content quality, particularly in written articles and videos, with some examples

Tiny Markdown-Based Wiki

Summary: Created a simple web alternative to sync and view markdown files using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It fetches markdown files, renders them client-side, and supports light/dark themes

On multi-tasking and high WIP

Summary: A video that details why multi-tasking, or having a high work-in-progress (WIP), is ineffective.

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