UGE - Universal Game Editor + Stonekeep module

I am replaying an old videogame jewel, Stonekeep, and I recalled that back in time when I finished it around 1996 I had a savegame editor to play with some variables, so I wanted to see if I could still find a similar tool today. Some searches led me to the specific GOG forum of the game, and some people were also asking about an editor while others were mentioning UGE.

Universal Game Editor is a 1993 MS-DOS tool made by Jack Hartman that was really cool for its time, and is now also hard to find. I used it in the past but didn't keep the editor, so I've done some digital archaeology and found not only a working version plus the data files to be able to edit Stonekeep savegames:
UGE screenshot

Following the module instructions, the recommended maximum values to set for any of the characters are:

  • Main stats: 9
  • Hit points: around 900
  • Skills: 9 (but I have 11 on one with my main character and nothing broke)

Link to download UGE 1.0 + Stonekeep module. I've tested it with Dosbox and works fine.

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