Articles tagged with: Tools

My BlueSky account, and a posts eraser script

Summary: Announcement of my BlueSky account, plus a script to delete posts from that social network after X days.

My macOS Cheatsheet

Summary: Presenting a macos cheatsheet, with lists of shortcuts, fixes, and tools

Browser Automation via Chromium

Summary: How to set up browser automation using Google browsers, emphasizing Chromium, which has advantages over Chrome, including the ability to access previous builds. Also covers the use of ChromeDriver and automation frameworks like WebDriverIO, as well setting up the Widevine DRM library and command-line switches.

Note-Taking and Knowledge Base

Summary: A journey about finding the right note-taking and knowledge base solutions.

CURL, Git, and more cheatsheets

Summary: Moved some GitHub gists to the blog, including cheatsheets for CURL, Git, and Image & Video CLI.