Tip: Add Command Prompt Here in context menu to Windows 2003

Microsoft Powertoys used to be the best way to obtain a "Open Command Prompt Here" functionality to the folder explorer. But if you try to install them on a Windows 2003 (at least an updated one) you will find that it no longer works.

So how do you add it manually? Easy:

  1. Open any folder
  2. Go to Tools -> Folder Options
  3. Go to File Types tab and select "[NONE] Folder"
  4. Press the Advanced button
  5. Press New, set your desired name, and under "Application to perform action type "cmd.exe"
  6. Accept and close everything

And you're done! You get this nice tweak (which I use often to rename extensions of a group of files).

Update: In Windows Vista this is easier but "hidden". While browsing a folder, click on the window with SHIFT pressed and magically a "Open Command Prompt Here" appears on the context menu!

Posted by Kartones on 2008-12-29

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