Articles tagged with: Systems-IT

My macOS Cheatsheet

Summary: Presenting a macos cheatsheet, with lists of shortcuts, fixes, and tools

Installing Windows 10 on the Asus ROG Ally RC71L

Summary: How to replace Windows 10 with Windows 10 on the gaming device and get an amazing performance boost

Emulation, Virtualization & Compatibility Layers

Summary: Concepts of emulation, virtualization, and compatibility layers.

How to update Ubuntu Snap Store

Summary: How to solve an error encountered when trying to update the Ubuntu Snap Store, and provides a solution by using terminal commands to refresh the store.

On Elastic Beanstalk, Docker and CircleCI

Summary: Discusses their experience with Elastic Beanstalk, Docker, and CircleCI while working on a new project. Provides notes and references for each tool and discuss alternatives to Elastic Beanstalk.