Subversion: Almost a definitive solution

Starting today, and along with the manager of the .NET department of the client in which I'm working, I'm building a huge compilation of development related tools, plugins, SDKs and APIs to use, and building a development methodology document (basically Agile development and Continous Integration).

First of all we've decided to replace SourceSafe for another source control system, and after a few hours installing, configuring and reading about Subversion, first impressions are that it rocks but has a little problem. Default "merge changes" policy (instead of lockdown of files).

In own client words, "we're not prepared yet to use a merge system". It can be modified but is not easily configurable and documented.

The client has decided to stop using Subversion for the moment, so we'll have to stick to VSS for a while...

Anyway, here are the tools I used to build it:

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