Postmortem: Madrid CodeCamp 2006

After a day and half of geek sessions, cool people, a big saturday night party (from 9 PM to 4 AM) and our XNA speech and demo, I've finally arrived home to finish packaging before going to Australia on vacations.

I've meet some fantastic people, speaked with some friends, like Marino Posadas, and had an excellent and funny weekend.

Just before closing my laptop to finish preparations, I wanted to upload the speech Vicente and I gave, so here they are:
ยท Demo source (slides in spanish, code in english, including comments. For XNA v1).

The ppt is very small (we didn't wanted to spend too many speaking just with slides), and gives a brief view of XNA, it's versions, it's basics, GameComponents, GameServices,...
And the demo is a 2D framework we've built to ease 2D game development with XNA. The demo is a small, turn-based fighting game (like Final Fantasy's combats), with XBox controller or mouse input, 6 custom gamecomponents (registered as gameServices), 2D sprite animations, a small GUI (context menus), an asset manager (to handle all assets/resources),...
It's not very visually impressive (we're developers :P) but we're very proud of the result of just few weeks of coding and learning XNA.

I hope it's useful to understand how gamecomponents and gameservices work in the XNA application model.

See ya after my vacations!

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