OpenSmtp Console v1.0

Today, I was tunning the continuous integration server I've built at work, and one of the things the boss wants is to be able to receive emails either when builds get broken or whenever a build is made (either scheduled one or triggered by source code changes checked-in).

I searched and tried CruiseControl.NET built-in email notification, but it was really poor (and more important: it does not allow authenticated smtp, a requisite at work).
I tried also NAnt's and NAnt-Contrib's built-in email sending, but neither was better than CC.NET one's.

As I usually use OpenSmtp to send emails from my applications, I decided to make a command-line wrapper to be able to send emails from authentication smtps, change message bodys within NAnt, etc.

And so here it is the initial version of OpenSmtp-Console, a command prompt email sender, built to be used in automated integration servers.

There is no documentation, but the '/help' argument explains all required and optional parameters. Also I want to say that it is not a one-by-one wrapper, it allows the most common options but OpenSmtp has more features.
It has been made in few hours to see fast if it would work, but I might add some features.

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