Personal projects, source-codes and experiments

Most of my recent stuff can be found at my GitHub & GitHub Gists, but here you'll find both old projects and links to demos of more recent ones.

  • Mazes for Programmers Python code: Examples from Mazes for programmers book, ported to Python and with tests, improvements and even new renderers (output formats) for the generated mazes.
    Sample labyrinth
  • PICO-8 games: Small games built with a retro virtual console platform, PICO-8.
    PICO-8 Breakout clone
  • Choose your adventure: Javascript engine to build "choose your own adventure" games. Refer to the Github repo for more details.
    Choose your adventure
  • Flask-Calendar: Web-calendar, very similar to Google Calendar but much simpler, done with Python, Flask, and some vanilla Javascript and CSS.
    web calendar
  • Pomodoro: Minimalistic pomodoro timer, with desktop notifications, sound and changing favicon so you can pin the tab and still see if it's running.
  • Dice Roller: Work in progress Javascript RPG and boardgames dice roller. Supports the typical range from 3-side die to 100-side ones, being able to mix different ones and apply a general `+X` modifier.
  • The Plague: Small Javascript & HTML5 game in which you are a plague that has to infect all cells before dying.
    The Plague
  • Barcode Wars: Small Javascript & HTML5 game that reads images containing barcodes and creates a player and monster that fight.
    Barcode Wars
  • Encoding/Decoding Toolkit: Javascript-based toolkit containing: URL, HTML & Base64 Encoder & Decoder, a pretty simple minimizer and SHA-1 & MD5 Hashing.

Old stuff (before 2013):


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