My macOS Cheatsheet

I learn better by creating cheatsheets and summaries, so adding to my list, I recently took an old macos cheatsheet I had with a few shortcuts, and I've been improving and expanding it. I began it a few years ago, while at Eventbrite, when I had to switch from Linux to Mac. Now at Spotify, I need to build/compile iOS binaries from time to time, so instead of having two work laptops, I made the switch.

It lives at, and the content is a mix of three kinds:

  • Shortcuts: Both operating system and application-specific
  • Tips/Fixes/Tweaks
  • Tools: To complement my command-line tools list, GUI tools, with the restriction of being either free or open-source [1].

I must admit that, at the time of writing this post, the list of tools is pretty scarce, so I'm more than open to more suggestions. Just take into account that I'm searching for applications to either improving macos-usage in general, or development-specific.

[1] I won't pay for any software I'm only going to use at work, and I already have licenses for required tools like IntelliJ.

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