Course Review: Monorepos - A Beginner's Guide (Udemy)


Monorepos: A Beginner's Guide is a ~40 minutes 2020 small course that, despite it's catchy but generic name, really should be titled something like "Multi-package and Monorepo NodeJS projects using Yarn".

The topics covered are:

  • Now NodeJS searches for and loads modules/packages
  • Using yarn link
  • Using yarn workspaces
  • package hoisting when using workspaces
  • cross-package bin scripts
  • Using yarn workspace
  • A bonus 10 minutes lesson about lerna, covering the basic commands, scoped packages and npm publishing of monorepo packages using the tool

Although you can apply the same principles and actions with npm 7+, all examples are explained and performed via yarn.

It is a very compact course, very very focused on node + yarn, but if that's what you search for, it is concise, direct to the point and for once, quicker than reading through official documentation.

My only concern is that the initial approach of manually placing modules inside node_modules folder, although if mentioned as a sub-optimal solution, it is a really ugly workaround 😵‍💫 (the author even provides instructions to properly un-gitignore and commit the hack!)

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