Kartones.Net: Search engine working on IE8 and Chrome!

Few months ago, I created a custom search provider for this community, working both under Firefox and under Internet Explorer 7.

Today, while toying with Internet Explorer 8, I found something interesting:

Kartones.Net IE8 basic Accelerator

Without touching anything, IE8 treats all search engines as Accelerators too, sonot only the existing Kartones.Net search engine works with IE8, but now supports just selecting a few words and searching on all Kartones.Net posts!

So, as the search provider is based on a standard, I tried it on Google Chrome... and works too :)

Safari doesn't seems so open to customization, so just ignores the search engine (looks like it's search engine can't be changed without hacks).

Anyway, this is a perfect example of how respect of standards pays off.

If you want to install our custom search engine, you'll find it on the Blogs section:

search provider screenshot

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