Fighting with Windows XP

Last night, after coming early home I decided to install Windows XP Professional 64, to play the (growing) list of Vista-incompatible games and to not need to tweak DirectX (after Crysis, I've lost my faith in DirectX 10, it just slows down any game and visual improvements are barely noticeable).

So... I get my XP Pro 64 copy, read this fantastic dual-boot guide and launch Diskpart (fantastic tool for resizing partitions!) from my Vista 64 DVD. All seems to go ok, I reboot with the XP64 DVD, Setup starts... And doesn't finds my RAID0 HDDs :(

I've tried almost everything, I've learned how to include my own drivers into a Windows Install DVD (via nLite, nothing special), I've tried using the official floppy drivers, but after a correct install the 64 version of XP just gives a BSOD and reboots.

I've given up and installed WinXP Pro 32 (so I'll still use Vista 64, but incompatible games will run on XP), but the 32-bit memory addressing limit means WinXP only detects 2,25 GB of my total 4GB of RAM.

I enjoy a lot doing all this IT-related tasks, but when they have a "good ending". But I assume this is the price for having new hardware, backwards compatibility...

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