Cyberpunk 2077 New Game+ Hack

Cyberpunk 2077 is, despite its flaws, a great game with an amazing setting. On my first playthrough, I spent more than 70 hours in Night City, and after watching the Edgerunners anime I wanted to go back to it.

Sadly, the game does not feature a New Game+ functionality, kind of common in RPGs and games with progression, and which basically lets you start over the single-player story, keeping your character level, abilities and perks. But I'm stubborn so I decided to check for some tools and kind of hack my way somehow.

I found a solution via the CyberCAT-SimpleGUI tool (direct link to GitHub repo if you do not wish to register at NexusMods): A savegame editor that lets you alter the character's appearance and all experience levels. This allows me to:

  • Clone my original character's appearance, as once you have started a game, you can modify some but not all of the face parts
  • Carry over the character level and street cred
  • Carry over the attribute and perk points count (although not how perks are distributed)
  • Carry over the skill levels

I also noticed a few limitations with this approach:

  • I couldn't migrate my appearance because my old savegame was from a too old version (version 10 not supported is the error I got), but the editor looks solid and the numbers were correct with the new savegame (once manually reproduced the looks)
  • It is very important to note the attribute points count and perk points count totals, because if you modify attributes, perks and skills from the savegame tool, you won't get any extra perk points as if you levelled up one level at a time. You will get the discounts, bonuses and the like, though
  • Remember that a skill level can only be maximum level 20, and always must be lower or equal to the corresponding attribute level. I haven't tried breaking this rule but nasty things might happen

Despite the caveats, the hack works and I am levelling up my remaining XP and skill levels without any problem.

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