WinSxS under XP: WTF?!


I've recently posted about WinSxS under Vista. But today I had to do some tests in a Windows XP machine... and what a surprise to find that XP doesn't have any tracing tool (sxstrace.exe precisely)!!!

Are you MS guys nuts? You "fix" the DLL hell, and don't provide tools to trace the problems the new system brings?

I've spent today hours to fix some problems just because the great tracing features the sxstrace tool gives under Vista is not available under the first OS version to use this technology...

And in case you were wondering "why don't you copy the executable and try running it" it won't work... Either you upgrade to Vista, or carry on without details of why SideBySide fails.


I sometimes feel that MS just rushes so much to release things, that doesn't think about the developers, and we are sometimes even more important than the final users...

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