This isn't worth a post

"This isn't worth a post" is lately a common answer I give to myself when thinking about writing or not.

To me, it's becoming harder and harder to strike a balance between posting at least minimally interesting stuff and not keeping to myself tiny bits that might be of use to others.

The best example is a recent scenario: My Linux laptop and the current house's internet router don't get along 100%, after some inactivity the wi-fi connection would go down and take a while to reconnect. Some network troubleshooting later, disabling wi-fi power saving seems to have solved the problem.

Should I have posted about it to help others? Searching at DuckDuckGo at least, you need to either include iwconfig in the search terms, or dig in the first page of results and read them to find a clear & concise & up to date answer. But on the other hand has 99% of answers to any issues I've ever had, and I think it is good to learn about finding things around the net and finding decent sources of information, even if it takes a few attempts. You will learn how to use the site and be a little less dependant on search engine ranking algorithms.

At least in some cases it's quite clear: My reviews, my experiments, my pet projects and the like are a clear "yes"; I'm learning some modern Javascript, NodeJS and related topics, but as there are so many good tutorials, courses and articles out there I won't post anything general related with the language as it is hard to add any value.

But often, I feel the contents won't add enough substance, so I discard them. Anyway, the "genuine" posts will still be written so I guess this is more of a rant than a real problem to solve 😃.

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