TDD and Testing

While cleaning a bit the hundreds of unread RSS feeds I've got, I've come to some very interesting articles related to Test Driven Development and testing in general.

First, an article about unit testing, including a full example in ruby of testing an IRC bot with mock objects. And what are mock objects? Here's a quick explanation with a java example.

I found too another article about pros and cons of white and black box testing. Maybe too short, but serves as an introduction and gives few advices/tips.

The most interesting thing I've found is an article about TDD Anti-Patterns. It contains a list of anti-patterns, each one with a description.
Quite useful, as probably most of us have done at least one of them (Excessive Setup and The Loudmouth, for example).

Oh, and there's a new version of NUnit, release 2.2.9 (mostly bugfixes and .NET 2.0 default runtime).

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