Review: NDepend 3.0

NDepend 3.0 has been released recently, the most prominent feature being the full Visual Studio integration (not only a context menu item), so this can be considered a follow up of the review I did in 2008 of NDepend 2.0.

As mentioned, the biggest new feature is becoming part of the Visual Studio IDE. From report messages and statistics to options in use, the output windows now have custom NDepend views:


Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and the new 2010 are the versions supported (I hope nobody still uses VS 2003!). Silverlight is supported until version 3.0, and has some nice small features as .NET Reflector integration (to dissasemble methods or types ).

Apart from this there are many speed improvements, bugfixes, improvements to the graphs, CQL, analysis tools...

I recommended the last version, so as you can expect the recommendation is still valid, even more now that everything is in the same place, your beloved IDE :)

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