Reading pending RSS feeds... Game development related

Today I'm finishing reading the latest pending RSS feeds, and found some interesting game development related posts/articles. Here they are just in case you wanna read something about game dev today:

  • Raph Koster's "do levels suck?" (and part II): Quite interesting reflexion of how when RPGs became CRPGs the levels and their pure meaning transformed, the XP harvesting problem we now face in almost every MMORPG, or the heavly dependency of combats for gathering XP (thankfully with very recent games like Mass Effect this has changed a bit for better).
  • 20 Unusual Control Schemes @ Gamasutra: Goes from quite rare controls in old arcade machines up to the present wiimote, guirar hero controller or the Eye Toy.
  • 20 Underused Game Mechanics: Some of them are fantastic ideas, others should be a requisite :)

Merry Christmas :)

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