Offtopic: Visit to Tuenti's datacenter

Yesterday we almost all the frontend team (plus the geekiest of our designers, Dani) went to see our Tuenti datacenter (you know, religious people go to church, we go to see our particular tech gods).

While photos of the facilities (the building is not ours, just the machines) couldn't be taken (sadly, it is quite impressive) and # of machines of each type and similar info is confidential, we were allowed to take some photos (blurring the machine names, if you look closely you will notice my awesome photoshop skills ;)

I will just say that if you are a bit geek, it is way impressive to see so many machines... until now I had as much as seen a small rack with 3/4U at max.

Racks and Racks

Each one of this Us has "a bit more" horsepower than my home gaming rig

Half of the team (we couldn't enter more people at once, and even with that a security guard was with us all the time)

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