Offtopic: Back from Germany, plus a weekend using Linux

I just came back last week from Germany, but the combination of some work at the office, the summer (and associated beers after work) and that this weekend I didn't have my laptop at home, I've not been able to get in order my photos and write some posts and stuff I've got pending.

The only useful computer-related thing has been that I'm using Ubuntu right now to write this post (from my old laptop). After some initial fighting with the graphics driver (and one reinstall of the OS because I screwed the GUI), I've correctly configured it.

I still had to search internet (official Ubuntu forums mostly) for some help and how-tos, but overall excepting graphics driver everything works quite good. I'll keep using it from time to time,and soon I'll try more interesting things like installing Pidgin and trying to configure the 3D options to try Beryl too.


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