Micro-Frontends (and self-contained systems)

The topic of the past weeks has been Micro-Frontends, due to this ThoughtWorks article about them (if you haven't read it, stop, go read it, then come back and continue). It has caused some discussions, mostly because there seems to be a trend now towards going mono-repo with Javascript, uniting all the things to build an easier path to update dependencies for all your FE pieces.

I know very little about current frontend development, tooling and best practices, so I'm not going to judge how good or bad is a mono-repo approach on itself. I just question how fast can it be, both from experience and personal intuition, because it means that yes, you update React once and every single Javascript piece of your system is updated, but at the same time we all know that updates are often harder and full of unforseen problems, so it could become a bottleneck as it is a somewhat all-or-nothing action.

Anyway, what I really wanted was to add to that really interesting article some related links around the topic, as in the past at TheMotion our idea was to move towards Self-Contained Systems, and at Ticketea the new checkout frontend was a "by the book" example of a micro-frontend (including iframe-based injection on the main website).

If you're interested, check the following resources:

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