KartonesNet CS2007 Addon Pack: Twitter AutoPosting CS Module

Recently I added a new feature to Kartones.Net, a Twitter account and a auto-posting in twitter module.

The problem is that the component seems to have a a nasty bug, probably caused by the mixture of being used as a Community Server spam rule (so CS handles it's lifecycle and instantiation) plus using a singleton (which I think is not a good idea since affects CS modules and objects lifecycle management), and resulting in the twitter spam rule being unloaded from memory after near 30 minutes of having saved/updated it's spam rule configuration parameters.

This bug, among with the fact that I prefer having CS modules instead of "hacked spam rules" (also, spam rules should be called on new comments, not blog posts per se, while CS modules are "for every event") made me take the original code, change some little things and convert it to a CS module, which has been added to my KartonesNet CS2007 Addon Pack.

We've had it "under testing" in the portal for a whole week and all seems to work fine. No more undesired unloading problems ;)

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