KartonesNet CS2007 Addon Pack 1.3.3

This small revision of the CS2007 Addon Pack just contains two improvements:

  1. TwitterAutoPostingAddon and UserTwitterAccountPostingAddon modules have been refactored. Now both use the same helper class ("Tweeter"), which does better handling of Twitter API and url-shortening HTTP requests. It should be faster and a bit lighter too now, because the old code had nested try-catches, multiple unnecessary variables...
    There is one small change in the configuration attributes of the former, so please read the Instructions.txt file included with the addon pack to adapt your site to it (it is the "twitterPrefix" attribute).
  2. Just for Kartones.Net, it contains a new url-shortening service, in fact just uses the existing Community Server 2007 services to generate a tiny-URL and send it to Twitter. This feature is experimental and I want to see how it behaves before finishing cleaning the code (and allowing to use it on any CS site). *

Also, I've readied the code for another small thing related to Twitter too, but it needs more in depth testing that this small refactorings, so I''ll finish it in a near future.

* As I'm becoming tired of depending on external services for my websites, I'm trying to minimize stuff needed. This "tiny url" service might not be the best (urls have the format http://Kartones.net/r.ashx?xxx which is not as tiny as other specialized sites), but with it I stop depending on their availability (or DNS problems, as happened with TinyURL few months ago) to have all community posts available from Twitter.

Feedback update: The system seems to be working, after a stupid bug related to bad Community Server programming: Not all CreateXXXX() methods return the newly created object's Id, so the shortened-urls were all having id=1. It's so dumb to have to search for it after just creating, but either I mess with the original code and fix that or I search for the correct Id.
Apart from that, everything seems to be working ok, I'll leave it a few more days under surveilance.

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