KartonesNet CS2007 Addon Pack 1.1.1

I've just uploaded the newest version of my CS2007 Addon Pack, addressing two "external" problems related to the Twitter addon:

  • Writing or migrating posts with old dates (more than 2 days old) will no longer tweet. This comes handy if migrating posts from old blogs.
  • Tinyurl url shortening service seems to be down, so I've implemented the is.gd API and allowed to configure (at Community Server level) the service to use.

I've modified the service for our Kartones.Net feeds to use is.gd, at least until tinyurl comes back online...

As usual, the addon pack contains detailed instructions on how to configure each module.

Update: Seems to be a problem of my DNS, not with Tinyurl? Anyway, is.gd is shorter so I'll keep it.

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