Kartones.Net Internet Explorer 9 Jump List

IE9 beta is out, and after giving it a try is not so bad, in fact would be a really good improvement if most of the changes weren't already present on the competitor browsers (either in stable or beta versions).

But one thing that is for sure unique and might interest heavy desktop users is the new Pinned Sites IE9 functionality. Basically allows to pin webpages to the taskbar and implement some interactive features like thumbnails, contextual menus and even overlay icons.

While Kartones.Net is not the best site to fully use this features, I can for sure place some basic shorcuts to the main sections of the site so... I've just done it:


Nothing impressive and done just using the <meta> tags because I didn't wanted to add javascript only for this, but it was really fast and easy to create. Remember that only works on Windows 7 and that you have to first pin the site (for example dragging the tab to the taskbar).

Another small feature to add to the IE webslice and search provider :)

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