Kartones.Net CS2007 Addon Pack 1.3.1 Released

I've just released the 1.3.1 version of my Community Server 2007 addon pack.

Small incremental release because I only added a small new component, AllWeblogPostsList, which doesn't uses paging and has a few internal optimizations to retrieve all blog posts from a given blog (the one in which you place it).

I made it because I wanted to have a full one-page post archive without additional uneeded stuff for one of our blogs.

Using it is fairly easy (read the included txt), just like the normal blog post archive from CS2007 (and allowing any formatting you want):

<KartonesNet:AllWeblogPostsList id="EntryItems" Runat="server">
<CSBlog:WeblogPostData ID="WeblogPostData" runat="server" Property="Subject" LinkTo="Post" Tag="li" />

I'm taking small vacations in a few days so more small things that I have in mind related to Kartones.Net and Community Server 2007 will have to wait. Until then, may the force of C# be with you!

Update: Fixed a small error in the example, inside the <ul> should be only <li> elements, doh! (>_<)

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