Incoming improvements to Kartones.Net

Note: This post is more for the bloggers of Kartones.Net.

First of all, my hosting provider changes its name and gets better facilities and hardware, so I'm getting a free upgrade to Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and IIS 7. This means that the site should go a bit faster soon (I'm finally getting PHP 5 and MySQL 5 too, although I'm not using them here).

The migration will take place on one of the weekends of december (I don't know yet which one), so keep it in mind just in case the site goes down for some minutes.

Also, I found that the internal web-based post editor doesn't supports Opera or Google Chrome, so I tried to upgrade TinyMCE. Unfortunately, CS2007 comes with support for 2.x, and 3.x has breaking changes, so I'll have to do a real migration instead of a simple override of .js files. In exchange, I'll try to minimize the controls and js needed so t hat post editing loads faster than it does now (it doesn't even uses CSS sprites!).

I plan to make some small improvements to the mobile version too, the stats page is still broken (the Google Analytics part) and I have some more ideas to enhance the community.

Finally, I have a small dumb "proof of concept" project (very similar to a demo in the scope) that might end up being of more general interest than only for my "tests".

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