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I love computers. I've been using them since I was a child, starting with some handhelds (Zelda Game & Watch is my precioussss), and passing through AMSTRAD PC/W, Spectrums, Amigas and 386 up to today, not counting consoles (I've got some of them but played almost every one that appeared in Spain).
And always, one of the uses I've most got from them was entertainment, playing videogames. I've seen, felt, played and enjoyed all the videogame growth, from the classic Pong to Quake 4.

But sometimes I feel like the creativity has died, that the fun part of the games is becoming the "visual part". Yup, is cool to see bump-mapped, ultra-high polygon models with motion blur and lip-sync speeches while dozens of sounds reverb in your 7:1 sound system. But I spent many more hours finishing for the 10th time Dune 2, or playing Maniac Mansion with another characters.

So, today I've made a small list of the best conversions I've found and played. There are tons more but usually are early work-in-progress.

La Abadía del Crimen
Remake: Remake de La Abadía del Crimen
In spanish
A Spanish ZX Spectrum classic, an adventure based on The name of the Rose film.

Remake: FreeCiv
A multi-platform remake. Customizable and with multiplayer.

Alone in the Dark
Remake: Free in the Dark
An opensource remake of the Cthulhu horror game.

Dune 2
Remake: Dune 2: The Maker
Still in progress
A remake of one of the first and best RTS games.

Another World
Remake: Another World Not free but very cheap
A Windows remake of this classic sci-fi adventure. Really worth buying.

Transport Tycoon
Remake: OpenTTD
Requires original game data files
Excelent remake and upgrade from the transport simulation game.

UFO: Enemy Unknown
Remake: Pocket UFO
Marvelous PocketPC remake of this strategy classic. Included too is a PC "pocket" version.

Laser Squad
Remake: L. Squad
Remake of one of the first turn-based strategy games I ever played (on my old Amiga 500)

Remake: Zelda Classic
What started as a Zelda port, ended with an extensible Zelda game-engine. Highly recommended.
Remake: Zelda Mobile
Still in progress
J2ME conversion of the Gameboy classic, full-color now.

Wolfenstein 3D
Remake: Wolfenstein 3D Redux
Multi-platform conversion of the first id Software titles and the first 3D shooter.

Ultima series
Remake: Ultima: The Reconstruction
An impressive website contaning dozens of remakes, conversions, ports and mods of all the Ultima series games.

Oh, and last I want to mention the mother of all ports, scummVM, which allows to play all your favourite classic adventures in multiple devices (right now I have installed Monkey Island I & II into my PSP).

P.S.: A small gift for those who have readed until here ;) more freeware games at this Wikipedia link.

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