Free password management solution: KeePass

For many years I've been using a commercial password management solution, and despite being happy with it, I've had some issues: pay for each platform (now free in read-only model, but wasn't always this way), major version changes rendering some old platforms obsolete, lack of Linux support... So after some hesitation and research I migrated to a free, Linux-compatible and as a bonus opensource, alternative: KeePass.

This are the tools around this solution that I use:

  • KeeWeb: Multi-platform and with options to sync to Dropbox, Google Drive and others
  • KeePassX: Multi-patform binaries
  • KeePass2: Binaries for Ubuntu
  • KeePass: Binaries for Windows
  • KeePassDroid: Android implementation without shady in-app purchases, etc.
  • MiniKeePass: iOS implementation, again recommended one without untrusted sources, in-app purchases, etc.

And a few tips:

  • The UI is functional but ugly, don't expect anything fancy. That said, it is fast to add new data, search works fine and you can customize a lot
  • For Android I just copy & paste the database file into the phone, for iOS is not that easy, but opening from Box/Dropbox & "send to MiniKeePass" does the job without needing iTunes
  • I haven't tried online synchronization as I prefer the DB file not to be moving around too much, but there are plugins and options to do it
  • There are some plugins for KeePass but I had really bad results trying to migrate existing data with them, so I transformed the problem into an opportunity to do a huge cleanup of old & unused credentials. But be wary of migration plugins as some only work with certain versions or might not even work

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