My Favourite Firefox, Chrome and VSCode Extensions

I sometimes forget that, in most blog engines or at least on the one powering this site (pelican), exists the concept of page and post, where a post appears on the homepage (sorted by newer publish date) and in the RSS feed, but a page doesn't (simply exists at a given URL). It is a nice distinction that allows me to maintain atemporal content that I often maintain from time to time, but discoverability is not perfect (again, at least via this blog engine). What I maintain as pages are either special lists, gathered at the Archives section, or certain special sections like the Contact link at the footer of the site.

What I really meant to say with the previous paragraph is that I forgot to write a post mentioning that I actively maintain pages with lists of my favourite extensions for web browsers and tools:

  • Firefox add-ons/extensions: I use FFox for personal browsing, so extensions are mostly focused on privacy.
  • Chromium/Edge extensions: I use Chromium-based browsers for work and hobby development, but also like to try disabling javascript, blocking content and the like.
  • Visual Studio Code extensions: My all-the-things-IDE for the last years. I use it both for work and personal stuff, and decided to not remove old extensions I no longer use (like the Java Pack, or VS Live Share), so it is rich and varied in content 😄. I also have an almost "copy+paste ready" dump of my settings.json to not have to be doing online syncs. Oh, and tiny hints, and my preferred themes for day and night development... Varied things, as anyone can see 😉

So here it is, a post mentioning some the existing pages that I probably hadn't explicitly mentioned before. I plan to add a few more pages soon (at least one or two related with operating systems), so from now on I will make sure to always write a companion post "announcing" them.

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