Doing some PR about Jade

Yesterday I officially came back to Jad Engine as an active developer. Vicente and I had a meeting with the other developers and they discussed about what the future 1.2 release will have.

Although it is early to talk about that, the 1.1 is actually in internal RC state and will be released quite soon. This are the new features it will bring:

  • Lots of bugs fixed & speed improvements
  • Multiple viewports support
  • Virtual File System for resource loading (supports compressed files)
  • Improvements to the Math library
  • New Input system
  • Scripting support: C#, VB.NET, Boo
  • Collada support (still in beta)
  • Morphing animation (still in beta)

Also, I've created the game profile at the Great Games Experiment social network, to advertise it a bit.

Lastly, Vicente has finished migrating his Jade blog to this community, so he will post info and articles about the engine too (he coordinates the project, and has developed the VFS system and the 1.0 AI components).

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