Course Review: Microservices Architecture (Pluralsight)

Microservices Architecture lasts for 2.5 hours, and its contents are really good as a general summary of microservices design patterns, good practices, pitfalls and problems to avoid, and some techniques for approaching both greenfield projects and introducing microservices in existing platforms. The slides and diagrams are very clean and direct to the point. The language used is mostly technology agnostic, with a slight tendency towards Microsoft technologies, but everyone will understand the examples.

My only complaint is that the author is clearly reading a script and the cadence is many times artificial, too continuous, either without pauses or with them when the author needs to breathe instead of when stops should go. That said I could still follow the speech ok and the English is well spoken, but sounds weird when changing slides or topics.

Sample slide:

Microservices Architecture course example slide

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