Course Review: Learning Kubernetes (LinkedIn Learning)


Continuing with my broadening of topics, now it's time to learn some Kubernetes basics, to at least know what it is capable of, so I picked up Learning Kubernetes, a 2.5 hours Linkedin Learning course that looked nice. Touching topics from building blocks to deployments, jobs, services, labels, data management and logging, while not in depth, it is a good overview, with many hands-on examples.

But the course also has two negative points I wanted to point out. The smaller one is the fact that there are no Linux setup instructions! Mac and Windows yes, and for sure if you're like me will probably use a cloud provider rather than setup my own k8s cluster, but still 😒. The second one is also not critical, but more annoying, because relates with the pacing of the course. Sometimes, examples are really long, slowly going step by step, and repeating the previous command just adding a --show-labels flag, or reading trivial details; Other times, and despite watching it at 1x speed, the author rushes over non-trivial yaml files, executes a command and "voila, that's done!", or does a kubectl describe deployment and mentions so fast the relevant output sections (not even the content) that I had to pause the video, go back and check it. It also happens with the slides presented, he advances slides at times so quickly that you can't even read the latest bullet point or sentence when appears.

Overall, I felt satisfied with the contents. Just be prepared to pause from time to time.


The author recommends reading Kelsey Hightower's Kubernetes The Hard Way so probably that will be my next step.

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