Course Review: Building with Bazel

Building with Bazel, from Ray Wenderlich, is a free 90 minutes course to learn about Bazel, the build system that Google open-sourced around 2016 and that it is as powerful as initially complex to learn. During the course we'll learn the basic concepts: Workspaces, build files, actions, rules, what is the Starlark language, running tests... All of them via basic but easy to understand examples. We'll also get briefly introduced to distributed builds.

It is a brief but good overview, you can't beat the price, and really can't complain about missing contents. But if I could improve something, the focus on Android and iOS systems doesn't covers the full picture. That said, it is also true that Bazel support for web, at least as of late 2022, feels still quite beta, having to rely a lot on Aspect rule-sets instead of on the built-ins (especially if you use Typescript).

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