Course Review: Bazel Fundamentals (Pluralsight)

During its almost 2.5 hours, Bazel Fundamentals teaches most of the basics of Bazel, from setting it up, to building, running and testing projects. I liked the clean and simple explanation of the concepts: you will learn what are artifacts, the basics of how sandboxing works, the differences between rules and macros, ... And the last blocks are about caching, remote execution, configuration and platform parameters, querying, so it really gives a good overview of many topics that you should then go deeper.

As with any introductory Bazel materials, you will often find everything already at, but I felt that this course provides a good summary and selection of relevant features, no matter if you are a backend engineer, mobile engineer, or full-stack [1].

[1] Well, for web content things are not so straightforward by default.

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