Coolest Firefox Extensions

UPDATE: This post is quite old, but I do still use Firefox and maintain an updated list of addons/extensions.

I've been a Mozilla and later Firefox user since years, and I've used some tools/extensions in both of them for some time.

But with time, one gets lazy and when formatting each 6 months more or less (I hope some day we'll have a Windows that doesn't degrades performance with time) made me drop some of them (exactly, all but the "must-have" ones).

So actually I only use 3 of them:

  • IETab, which I've talked about previously.A Internet Explorer "tab" rendering inside Firefox (great to stop using IE), with a "always render with IETab" list.
  • AdBlock / Adblock Plus: The final solution to website Ads. Right click on an image, choose "AdBlock image" and press enter (or use "*" as wildcard to block entire paths/urls). I prefer the plus version but either one has the same functionality and works quite well.
  • AdBlock FilterSet.G : Ok, if you're using AdBlock, why bother entering tons of ad sites for the first time? This small extension downloads a great blacklist so you have tons of work already done.

Here's a quick example of how AdBlock cleans your web surfing:

No adblock adblock

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