Community Server 2007: Extend user profile to add Twitter account and auto-tweet

I've learned how to extend Community Server's user profile fields to add additional ones for storing a Twitter account data and auto-posting when publishing new content.

In this post I will show you how to do it, but first of all I want to thank Jon for his fantastic post about how to extend user profiles. It avoided me a lot of work searching for what and where to change :)

Database modifications

  1. Modify the table cs_users, and add two text fields for the account username and password (remember to make them nullable!)
  2. Modify the stored procedure cs_user_CreateUpdateDelete:
    · Add two new arguments:
    @TwitterUsername nvarchar (60) = null,
    @TwitterPassword nvarchar (60) = null,

    · And modify the INSERT INTO cs_Users and UPDATE cs_Users to include the two new arguments.
  3. Modify the view cs_vw_Users_FullUser to obtain the two new table fields:

Community Server components modifications

  1. Modify CommunityServer.Components.User to add new properties:
    string twitterUsername;string twitterPassword;
    public string TwitterUsername{ get { return twitterUsername; } set { twitterUsername = value; }}public string TwitterPassword{ get { return twitterPassword; } set { twitterPassword = value; }}
  2. Modify CommunityServer.Data.SqlCommonDataProvider to send the new fields to the DB when creating or updating a user:
    public override User CreateUpdateDeleteUser( [...] ) 
     myCommand.Parameters.Add("@TwitterUsername", SqlDbType.VarChar, 60).Value = 
    upm.CurrentUser.TwitterUsername; myCommand.Parameters.Add("@TwitterPassword", SqlDbType.VarChar, 60).Value =

  3. Modify CommunityServer.Components.CommonDataProvider to retrieve the new fields and store them in the User class:
    public static User PopulateUserFromIDataReader( [...] ) 
     user.TwitterUsername = dr["TwitterUsername"] as string; user.TwitterPassword = dr["TwitterPassword"] as string;
  4. Modify CommunityServer.Controls.EditUserForm to add the logic for populating textboxes and saving their values whenever editing an existing user:
    TextBox TwitterUsernameTextBox;TextBox TwitterPasswordTextBox;

    public string
    TwitterUsernameTextBoxId{ get { return (string)ViewState["TwitterUsernameTextBoxId"] ?? string.Empty; } set { ViewState["TwitterUsernameTextBoxId"] = value; }}
    public string TwitterPasswordTextBoxId{ get { return (string)ViewState["TwitterPasswordTextBoxId"] ?? string.Empty; } set { ViewState["TwitterPasswordTextBoxId"] = value; }}
    protected override void AttachChildControls(){
     TwitterUsernameTextBox = 
    CSControlUtility.Instance().FindControl(this, TwitterUsernameTextBoxId) as TextBox; TwitterPasswordTextBox =
    CSControlUtility.Instance().FindControl(this, TwitterPasswordTextBoxId) as TextBox;


    public override void DataBind()
     if (!Page.IsPostBack) {
     if (TwitterUsernameTextBox != null) TwitterUsernameTextBox.Text = userToEdit.TwitterUsername; if (TwitterPasswordTextBox != null) TwitterPasswordTextBox.Text = userToEdit.TwitterPassword;


    void SubmitButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e){
     if (TwitterUsernameTextBox != null) userToEdit.TwitterUsername = TwitterUsernameTextBox.Text; if (TwitterPasswordTextBox != null) userToEdit.TwitterPassword = TwitterPasswordTextBox.Text;


Community Server Web modifications

  1. Modify the /Themes/xxxxx/User/EditUser.aspx to add a new tab, textboxes and mapping of them to the components form previously modified:
    · Add a new tab with the desired layout to the TabbedPanes:
    <TWC:TabbedPanes id="ProfileTabs" runat="server" PanesCssClass="CommonPane" TabSetCssClass="CommonPaneTabSet" TabCssClasses="CommonPaneTab,CommonPaneTab1,CommonPaneTab2" TabSelectedCssClasses="CommonPaneTabSelected,CommonPaneTabSelected1,CommonPaneTabSelected2" TabHoverCssClasses="CommonPaneTabHover,CommonPaneTabHover1,CommonPaneTabHover2"> [...] <TWC:TabbedPane runat="server"> <Tab>Twitter Account</Tab> <Content> <h3 class="CommonSubTitle">Twitter Account data</h3> <table> <tr> <td class="CommonFormFieldName"> Account/Username: </td> <td class="CommonFormField"> <asp:Textbox id="TwitterUsername" Columns="30" MaxLength="60" runat="server" /> </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="CommonFormFieldName"> Password: </td> <td class="CommonFormField"> asp:Textbox id="TwitterPassword" Columns="30" MaxLength="60" runat="server" /> </td> </tr> </table> </Content> </TWC:TabbedPane> [...]

    · Add the textboxes mapping to the EditUserForm control:
    <CSControl:EditUserForm runat="server" RssFeedUrlsTextBoxId="rssFeeds" EnableUserAvatarsCheckBoxId="enableUserAvtars" TimeZoneDropDownListId="Timezone" NameTextBoxId="CommonName" [...] 
    TwitterUsernameTextBoxId="TwitterUsername" TwitterPasswordTextBoxId="TwitterPassword" [...]
  2. Download the Kartones.Net CS2007 Addon Pack (just updated today), and add to the CommunityServer.Config file CSModules section the new module I've created to auto-tweet if the post author has a Twitter account configured:
    <add name = "UserTwitterAccountPostingAddon" applications="Weblog" 
    type="KartonesNet.Modules.UserTwitterAccountPostingAddon, KartonesNet" />

And finally we're done!

This is how the new tab appears on the edit profile page:

And this is a sample auto-tweet:


Note: As you might have noticed, I haven't touched the new user creation page. As an exercise I'll leave that to you.

Posted by Kartones on 2009-01-29


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