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I maintain a list of the books I read since a few years; well, In reality, I maintain two, because fiction and comics go separate ways from non-fiction and technical books.

The point is that I recently knew about The StoryGraph thanks to a podcast episode, and got attracted by the fact that it's made by fans, for fans, not owned by a giant commercial corporation. I and tend to not give too much weight to opinions until I test things, but Scott, the podcast host, was also praising the recommendations algorithm. So I decided try the service and create an account (there's a membership tier, but almost everything is free).

A few hours of manually adding my read books & comics I tracked/could remember (254 items 😆), and taking the basic survey to get some recommendations, I can summarize it as "wow!". It is giving me some nice recommendations, and many others to explore; the search is quite good, and when a title is missing I usually find it by author or, at times, by series, and I tried adding some titles by ISBN code and except two, it quickly found them.

The site is fast, free of clutter, and while there are a lot of features I might not use (e.g. I don't plan to track my reading progress, just pending, wip and done), it is still very simple to use and does exactly what I want. Plus I can export a nice CSV with all my data any time I want, which is great for me as a source of structured data (vs my blogs' plain review lists).

I aim to maintain the list updated, so feel free to add me at StoryGraph if you want.

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