Book Review: The Economics Book - Big Ideas Simply Explained


The Economics Book - Big Ideas Simply Explained book cover

Title: The Economics Book - Big Ideas Simply Explained (Audiobook format)

Author(s): Dorling Kindersley Ltd (DK)

Continuing with non-technical leaning, I just finished another DK audiobook, this one about economics. Similarly to The Business Book from the same editorial, in around 16 hours of we'll be given a historical tour of economics presenting multiple economic models, theories and ideas (according to the description, around 100 of the those).

Some of the topics we'll learn about are: monopolies, oligopolies, competition, markets, predatory marketing (and other types), economic bubbles, inflation and employment, economic models, rationality, crisis, how banks work and what "bank runs" are... And, as you might imagine, some are not trivial, while others feel simple to understand once properly explained.

Another quite interesting title, of course not a deep dive but neither shallow, probably a good starting point to then focus on the models that appeal. Of course considering that I have no clue about the topic, so I might be wrong, but I felt I learned a lot.


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