BazelCon 2022 Community Day Bootcamp

Last week the BazelCon 2022 took place, and before the main conference there was an extra Community Day. I assisted to the Beginner Track of the Community Day, where we did two workshops, one about basic Bazel concepts and another about writing rules.

Despite the great instructors that we had, at times the instructions on the repository of the first workshop felt a bit incomplete. It wasn't long nor complex, but took more effort to understand what exactly we were supposed to do than actually doing it. Later I discovered that the slides were actually meant to be the main driver, instead of the repo's README file that we followed. And there was also some unused code. So I've forked and cleaned both the repository, by removing all unused code and adding slightly better instructions, and the slides themselves, cleaning unused bits and properly linking the exercise names and numbers to the matching repo ones.

You can find the updated slides here and my forked repo at

Tags: Development

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