Back at Madrid CodeCamp 2006

I'm working on one thing, and that thing it its...a speech for Madrid CodeCamp 2006 (28/29th of October).

Once again, ilitia will colaborate with four speeches, of which I'll be doing one about XNA, with my pal Vicente, administrator and project leader of the opensource, ManagedDirectX Jade Engine (in which I'm a developer too after it went opensource). Last year's Managed DirectX speech slides and demo sources are already available in english.

We will explain what is XNA, what it will be and the different versions will be launched, and then show a mini-game made with XNA (which will be released along with the slides, and translated to english so non-spanish people can download from here too). I can only say it's not the typical pong or tetris clone :)

Unfortunately, the event has so much expectation MSDN has already run out of invitations (we'll be 200 people)...

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