Code and style checks for Ruby at Sublime Text

I use lately Sublime Text a lot, both at work and at home, where it's curious that even for languages that I have better tools available and installed (C#/ASP.NET, Powershell...) I usually use Sublime too instead (because is faster and I don't need to compile nor debug). Also, at work my colleages have activated Hound to get GitHub comment floodings coding style violations and, as you get one comment per broken rule, some pull requests become really hard to code review.

So, in order to prevent hound bites (and learn in a more confortable way what rules I should follow), I checked and fought a bit with Sublime plugins to setup the same rules that Hound uses for Ruby code (Rubocop gem) and have them inside my IDE. If you want to have realtime coding style checks inside Sublime 3, you need this:

Just take into account to leave the Rubocop rules file named as .rubocop.yml at the project's base folder, because SublimeLinter-Rubocop doesn't allows to specify another name/path. Also restart the IDE after installing everything.

It is fun that at 2005 we had nice aggregated CI reports that you could also concatenate and send via a single email (or check online at your CI server) but at 2015 receiving literally 50 emails after creating a pull request seems good by a continuous integration tool maker... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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