2018 Recap

ticketea got acquired by Eventbrite, and I got promoted to the shiny title of Principal Engineer, aka "keep working on tech stuff without managing people". Same (but bigger business), similar tech stack (Python, MySQL, Redis), different day to day work. While still doing mainly backend, I'm learning ES6 and React to also break Javascript stuff. And doing some tiny architecture proposals and misc tasks. Too many NDAs so not talking much about work for the time being.

Not many talks, as a consequence of the work confidentiality and working at internal/unreleased projects, it is hard to find a topic to talk about. At least I got to do some cool stuff and gave a final ticketea-branded talk about MyPy before the acquisition.

Visited USA (Nashville and San Francisco) and UK (London) this year thanks to work.

Working hard on improving english now that I some days talk more with humans through videoconferences than in person.

Got to play a little with reinforced learning, nothing major but enough to now desire to go deeper. As usual, depending on free time and priorities (I have at least one personal project I'd like to go forward with before).

Read a few books, listened to lots of podcasts and lowered noise by reducing Twitter usage to only shoutbox + replies and doing a huge cleanup of RSS and other news sources. Quality reading and time spent matters a lot.

Changed approach to videogames: Less games at once, way more focus on each. Also built a Retro Pie system and stopped getting angry of Linux emulators breaking now and then.

Having some time blocks to do personal experiments. Also helps getting up 1h earlier for studing/reading.

More sad family issues (younger cousing passed away).

Focusing a lot lately on improving and enjoying personal life, family and pets. The dog is now healthy as ever but now one of the cats got sick. Sadly the social part is lagging behind but is on the radar to be improved whenever possible.

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