2013 Retrospective

I'm not going to write what I want for the next year. For once, I'll let the future unveil itself and just keep walking and enjoying the present.

What I'll do is a tiny retrospective of this year that is coming to an end.

I left Tuenti after almost 4 years, eager of different challenges. Time has proven me I made the right decision regarding what I sought, but also that Tuenti employees are great and I still miss sometimes "our old times". Thankfully beers now and then fill that gap.

I got again into another huge redesign at Minijuegos that took months of crunch time, but also research and experiments that I enjoyed a lot performing. I knew what I was getting into and I'm quite proud of what we built between such a small team, but was still exhausting.

I've given 4 new talks this year, from sneak previews of the Minijuegos redesign to how a game developer can use the APIs available at the website or how the Avatars System was built.

I'm going at a slow but sure pace with my univesity studies. Being a personal goal and not an imposition makes me approach it differently, I set my goals and try not to get stressed.

I'm going to kind of step out of my comfort zone, by switching jobs again. The 27th of December I'll take vacactions and finish my contract with Minijuegos, and mid-January I'll start a new adventure, still at Madrid but with a different toolset than this last years' PHP.

It feels really strange, switching twice in a year from a job to another...But anyway, I'm quite happy about the new opportunity, so as I started this post saying, let's focus on the "here and now".

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