Foolish again

After almost four years, last week I finished working at Tuenti. I will always remember the so many good times I've had, the fantastic people I've met and the huge amount of knowledge and skills I've learned while working there.

But personal goals, priorities and desires change, so since this week I've joined the Minijuegos team, where I'll help developing cool new stuff.

Small company, small development team, lots of things to do and great ideas for the future.

I'll keep working with PHP, but code is fully PHP 5.3, namespaced and documented. And finally learning and switching to Git. And as I'm playing with Orchard CMS for a pet project I also have my dose of C#, now mixed with ASP.NET MVC. And my neverending "2 Read" articles list...

As Steve Jobs said, "stay hungry, stay foolish". I'm happy to be a fool again and have so much to learn.

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